Tree Pro Owner, Tom Mills, inspects a Miracle Tube Tree Grow Tube in a field in West Lafayette, Indiana.

What Are Tree Grow Tubes?

Find out exactly What Tree Grow Tubes are and how they help promote growth and survival of your trees.

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Made in America

Tree Pro Tree Tubes are manufactured in our plant in West Lafayette Indiana from 100% recycled Materials.

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Tree Pro-Providing Tree Grow Tubes, Tree Survival Products, and Wildlife Trees to Give your planting the best start.

Why buy Grow Tubes From Tree Pro?

  • #1 Tree Tube for Growth and Survival

    Our Grow Tubes are the best in the industry in studies done by indepentent organzations.

  • Customer Service

    Whether you're an expert tree planter or a novice, we strive to help you with any questions you may have about planting trees.

  • Sustainable Materials

    We made a promise in 1987 to produce our tree grow tubes from 100% recycled materials. We continue that tradition today.

  • Experience

    We don't just produce tubes, our team has years of hands on experience in the field. We want to share that experience with you.

Call us if you have any questions 800-875-8071

If you have any question at all about tree tubes or tree planting, don't spin your wheels call us and let us help you have the success you want with your tree planting.