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I got into this business because the tree grow tube protector my customer was using killed over half his trees. So I designed a tree tube that actually does the job it’s supposed to do and they are rated the best protector by Independent Studies

— Tom Mills, Inventor and Owner of Tree Pro Products

Tree growing tubes are a staple of getting a great start to a tree planting. As their names indicate, tree protectors and tree shelters are designed to protect trees from deer browse and rub, rodents, wind, drought, winter crack, sun scald, mowers, weed eaters, herbicides, and even people.

Unfortunately, some tree grow tubes cause other problems in the course of solving these. And some of these problems can result in substantial tree loss. There are just too many variables that affect tree health and growth to rely on guesswork.

Designing a grow tube that has just the right mix of qualities to optimize tree health while minimizing potentially damaging side-effects is a difficult balancing act. Not everyone can do it and, in fact, only TREE PRO has been able to fully achieve that balance. Tree Pro was the 1st in the industry to introduce venting and a rolled top to protect trees from the sharp edge of a tree tube. 

Research done by Independent Researchers proves that Tree Pro protectors and tree tubes are #1 in growth and survival rates.

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What are Tree Grow Tubes?

Find out exactly what a Grow Tube does for Trees.    

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