Who Are We

Since 1987, Tree Pro has been the leading U.S. Manufacturer of Tree Protection Products. Including Tree Shelters, Tree Tubes, Grow Tubes for Trees, and Tree Protectors.


In 1987, Tom Mills, founder and president of Tree Pro, was a consultant for American Forestry Technology, Inc., of West Lafayette, Indiana. At that time American Forestry was the sole source for the genetically improved black walnut varieties developed and patented by Purdue University. Eager to protect these valuable cultivars, American Forestry installed thousands of tree shelters, which at the time was a brand new device imported from Europe. A few months later 74 percent of American Forestry's seedlings were dead. Tom Mills decided at that time to develop his own grow tube with easier installation and greater survival rates. OUR MISSIONIt is our goal to provide you with the #1 Tree Protector, Grow Tube, Tree Shelter, and Tree Protection products in the Industry in terms of growth and survival rates. We strive to provide a product that exceed your expectations while still providing you with the financial flexibility to not break the bank. We want to make sure every customer has the right product for their project, no matter how large or small.


  • Our Grow Tubes retain moisture for longer in drought conditions, thus giving your trees better chance for survival.
  • Tree Pro has developed tree protection products for nearly every application, which makes our system the most versatile on the market.
  • Manufacture Grow Tubes for Trees from 100% Recycled Material in the U.S.A.

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