Free Shipping isn't Free



As a company we regularly do cost analysis on our overall costs including delivery costs to get the product in our customer's hand. We believe our pricing strategy beats our competition at every price point.

For Example a customer in Wisconsin:

From Tree Pro:                                                                                                                                 50- 60" Miracle Tubes priced at $3.75 per unit + $40.00 shipping costs=$227.50

From "Free Shipping" Competitor:                                                                                                     50- 60" Tubes priced at $6.29 per unit + Free Shipping= $314.50

We have made it a priority to make sure we offer the lowest costs possible for our customers. In order to that we separate our product prices from shipping. There is no sugar coating it. Miracle Tubes are expensive to ship because of the amount of space they take up on a truck, this is the case for any tree tube. Large Shipping companies like UPS and Fedex have discovered a way to help their bottom line by making assumptions on how dense a package should be. 

For example, Our 60" Miracle Tube bag weighs 50 pounds, but UPS/Fedex will use the dimensions to charge the package as a 90 pound package.

We have done a lot of negotiating to get the best rates.  We believe we are doing a better service to the customer by breaking the shipping costs down to their location instead of billing every person the same amount for shipping no matter the distance from our office. 

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