What are Tree Grow Tubes?


Tree Grow Tubes (also known as Tree Growing Tubes, Tree Tubes, or Tree Protectors) are a barrier method of tree protection, that stops animal browse or harsh dry wind from damaging a seedling tree. Grow tubes also provide a micro-climate that can help retain moisture on the seedling for a longer period of time during drought conditions.  

Tree grow tubes are also sometimes referred to as “mini-greenhouses” translucent enough to allow sunlight, but also protect and nurture growth of small seedlings until the tree or shrub is large enough to grow on it's own. Tree Pro tubes allow 95% of light through to the tree, at the same time staying cooler than other tubes on the market, which leads to more moisture in the tube for continuous growth. 

The younger tree or a direct seeding method help establish the tree faster because the young root system will be undisturbed, especially for species such as oak, chestnut, and walnut. The smaller the seedling at planting the faster they’ll get established and the bigger the impact Tree Pro grow tubes will have.

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