What size of tree grow tube do I need?

The answer to this question can be answered with this:

                                          What Am I Trying To Protect Against?

What a customer is protecting against determines how tall of a Miracle Tube or Tree Pro Tree Protector you are going to use. For example, if you are trying to establish a Deer habitat, we are not going recommend using anything shorter than a 48" tube. Anything shorter will put the top of the plant on a platter for the Deer. Plantings in a heavily deer populated area should use a 60" protector.


With shrubs even in heavy deer areas, the goal is to establish a root system. The protector keeps the shrub from being eaten off at the ground. After a few years the plant will grow past the deer browse. We recommend 30 inch tall for most applications. The 24" works for light deer applications.


We recommend 24" protectors for al types of conifers. There have been applications that needed a taller tube. In real bad deer locations we have used as tall as a 60" tube.


There are times when the tube chosen wasn't tall enough. If this happens we can get you an extension.

12 and 18 INCH TUBES are used for small rodents. If you are protecting against beaver we recommend using a 18-36 inch Tube.



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