Apple Tree: Outstanding Growth in 1st year

I recently received an email with photos from a customer in Southern Indiana who used our 60" Miracle Tube Tree Growing tubes on his apple tree. After 1 growing season he went from an 18" seedling to an 8-9 foot tree. He used our complete system with the Miracle Tube, Treated Pine Stake, and Nutrapro 1-2 year Fertilizer pack. You can see in the photo below, the apple trees are shooting out of the top of the tube, we expect them to start to branch out this spring producing a beautiful 2 year old Apple Tree. Apple Trees and other nut bearing specie are fantastic choices for a food plot. 

This particular customer went above and beyond with the fencing. The tree growing tube by itself would do the job and save a lot of time from installing fencing, but this customer wanted to cover all his bases with the expensive grafted trees he purchased. 
8 ft Apple Tree in a Miracle Tube Tree Grow Tube after 1 growing season
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