Deer Rub Season: How to stop it!

Every Fall the question arrives "How long do I leave the Tree Tubes on?". Our answer is as long as there is a potential for deer rub. The diameter of Tree Pro tree tubes are designed to allow the tree to grow to a size that deer will look for something smaller to rub. Our Grow Tubes for trees range from 3.5" to 4.75" in diameter. The majority of deer will avoid rubbing a tree larger than 3.5".

There are cases where there is a massive buck who will rub larger trees as seen in the photos below. If you have a situation like that, you can double up our Tree Pro Protector to produce an 8 in diameter tube for larger trees. 

Deer Rub on a Mature Conifer Tree. This can be stopped by using a Double Wide Tree Pro Protector. 


10" diameter conifer tree with significant deer rub. This deer needs hunted. 

 The tree to the left is located near a state park and about 7 inches in diameter. Clearly there is a very large buck in this area, he is allowed to roam without the threat of normal predators and hunters. This rub can be mitigated by using the double wide Tree pro or Double Wide Bark Pro Bark Protector. The Bark Pro is designed to allow more air flow, water and sunlight to get to the bark. This helps develop a more natural bark while still giving the same grow tube for tree protection. The Bark Pro Protector also doesn't need to be have a stake either, because the trees you will use it on are already established. 


In any deer rub situation, the best advice we can give is to look around your land, see if you can find the size of tree that the deer won't rub on. This will give you an idea of how large in diameter of grow tube for trees you need to use. In the case of this farmer, he needs to use our Double Wide, your field might be completely different. Just make sure you are leaving the tree tube on as long as it takes, a lot of hard work can be harmed in a short amount of time by taking a tube off to early. 

Deer Rub Season: How to stop it!
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