Mycorrhizal Root Dip for bare root trees. 

Mycorrhizal Root Dip for bare root trees. 


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Mycorrhizal Root Dip

Mycorrhizal fungi are essential to the health of all plants. They form a symbiotic (mutually beneficial) association with the roots of the plant or tree. They act as an extension of the plant's root system by increasing their absorption of water and nutrients. Simply mix with water, dip the root ball, and plant the tree like normal. 

Mycorrhizal becomes essential when you are introducing species that are not currently in or very near the planting site, especially when plantings are in row crop/pasture fields and in sterile soil. Mycorrhizal has died off in row crop and pasture fields.

What Does Mycorrhizae Do?

The full story of what effect roots have on plants is still evolving. We know that some plants cannot live without mycorrhizal roots. The fact is that nearly all plant life is dependent on the association with mycorrhizal fungi. Mycorrhizal fungi grow through the soil by extending its hyphae, which are the "roots" of the fungus, into the soil. These "roots" are extremely fibrous and engulf every tiny crack and cranny in the soil that absorb water and nutrients in solution for a more efficient uptake by the roots of the plant.

The only food source for mycorrhizal fungi comes from the plant. Thus, if anything begins to slow the food source, the mycorrhizal fungi becomes more active, and aggressive, to feed its host - the roots of the plant. This is why plants in stressed conditions benefit from mycorrhizal roots. Regardless of the cause, i.e., drought, heat, high salt, windburn, freeze, parasites, negative organisms, etc., mycorrhizal has evolved for millions of years to bring relief to the plant. Mycorrhizae are a natural phenomenon.