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NutraPro Controlled Release Tree Fertilizer

NutraPro Controlled Release Tree Fertilizer

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How long Nutrapro feeds Roots
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Using time-release (or controlled-release) fertilizer is like taking a vitamin tablet. If we always ate a perfect, well-balanced diet, we wouldn't need it. Unfortunately, few of us eat as we should. As a result, if we didn't supplement our diet, we would be deficient in certain vitamins and minerals

By the same token, when fertilizer is broadcast around trees, there's no way to know how much of it reaches the trees' roots. Using Nutrapro solves this problem because it's placed in the hole alongside the tree's roots.

Nutrapro has been specially formulated for trees and shrubs (16-8-8). It comes in a plastic package with micro-pores that allow the fertilizer to be released into the soil at a controlled rate (as moisture transfers thru the pores). The contents (NPK) are dissolved over time by water vapor entering the package through these micro-pores.


Nutrapro comes in two strengths: One supplies key nutrients for one to two years, the other for three to five years. During these periods trees usually experience an increase in growth rate by up to 25 percent.

Nutrapro eliminates the danger of burning the roots of young trees. Best of all, it doesn't contaminate ground water and requires no measuring, mixing or clean-up.

If you are looking for a bulk box call 800-875-8071.

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Features and Specs

NutraPro Controlled Release Tree Fertilizer Features and Specs


-Micropores to release fertilizer over time directly to the root system.
-Helps to keep fertilizer from getting into ground water


1-2 year Nutrapro Packs
-1/2 oz of either 16-8-8 or 16-16-16 NPK Fertilizer
-2.5" x 2.5" individual pack size
-Shipped in packs of 20 or boxes of 1000

3-5 year Nutrapro Packs
-2 oz of either 16-8-8 or 16-16-16 NPK Fertilizer
-4"x4" individual pack size
-Shipped in either packs of 10 or boxes of 300


-Easy installation, drop the entire pack in a hole then cover with dirt
-Nearly Impossible to over fertilizer to damage tree</p>
-Limits the chance of fertilizer contaminating ground water</p>
-Don't have to remember to fertilize every year.</p>
-No handling of chemical that can have advertise health effects.
-Use 1 pack per 1" caliber of tree


You will install 1 pack per 1" caliber tree. If for a new planting, we recommend dropping the pack intact into the hole, cover the pack with a little dirt, then plant tree per instructions.

For an established tree, bury the pack intact, 6" down in the drip line around the tree. If multiple packs are to be used try to equally space around the tree.