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Mesh Bird Nets

Mesh Bird Nets

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There's no need to sacrifice your trees in the name of feathered friends. The mesh bird net works to keep the birds safe without harming the trees. 

Mesh Bird Nets are installed over the top of our Miracle Tube Grow Tube and Our Tree Pro Tree Protectors to keep birds from falling into the tree grow tube. This can be a common occurrence in areas that have blue birds. The Bird Net should photo degrade within 12-18 months, at that point you if the tree is near the top of your tree tube, make sure to remove the net to not restrict upward growth of the tree. The mesh bird nets are included with tube over 48" tall at no cost. We do ask if you don't believe you'll need them remove from your cart. Less plastic in the our forests is better overall for our lands. 


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Features and Specs

Mesh Bird Nets Features and Specs


Elastic Mesh Bird Net


5" wide
8" long


High Density Polyethylene mesh netting to go over the top of a tree tube.


For Miracle Tubes Tree Tubes: Slide net over the top leaving a 2-3 inches over the top

For Tree Pro Protectors: Slide the net over the top leaving 2-3 Inches, then fold out the tabs to keep the sharp plastic from harming the tree.