10 Wildlife Trees, Tubes, Stakes, and Weed Mat-$200.00

Wildlife Tree Species

  • Whitetail Chestnut – American Chinese cross, produces in 3 to 5 years.
  • Persimmon – deer candy, order at least six
  • Sawtooth Oak – produces in 7 to 9 years
  • Early Drop White Oak – produces in 7 to 8 years drops 2 to 3 weeks early
  • Gobbler Burr Oak – produces in 7 to 9 years drops 2 to 3 weeks early
  • Trophy Burr Oak – produces large 1.5” acorn
  • Winter Apple – produces an apple 1.25” and holds on tree until late February
  • High Bush Cranberry – popular with all animals and holds until April
  • Patented Black Walnut – chosen for timber and nut production 

Whitetail Trees

After 30 years in the Tree Protection business, Using our distributor network, Tree Pro has identified what these professionals believe to be the best trees and shrubs to go with wildlife food plots. 

We strive to provide all of our customers with the best possible combination of wildlife food plot trees to keep the game fed throughout the winter hunting season.

Why plant trees in a wildlife food plot?

Flexibility and variety are key to every food plot. No matter what plant you chose to be your major food source you will do maintenance on that every year. Trees that provide food are virtually maintence free. Ground cover changes from year to year, but trees are forever

Wildlife Tree Seedlings 12" - 24"

Each tree comes with a Survival Pack which includes:

  •  60” Tree Pro tree protector to protect from deer and accelerate grow 5 to 7 times.
  • 60” treated pine stake.
  • Root inoculation which introduces beneficial bacteria and mycorrhizal for plant health and grow.
  • 2’ x 2’ Weed Mat that keeps weeds down for 3 + years and retains moisture in the soil

Purchase 10 Wildlife trees for $200

– smaller and larger orders are welcome.
You can mix species in your orders.