Tree Pro Slit Tree Tube

Tree Pro Slip Tree Tube Shelter
Tree Pro Slip Tree Tube Shelter

Tree Pro Slit Tree Tube

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Tree Pro Protectors are shipped as a flat sheet that forms into a tube. This product is the most versitile in the Grow Tube industry. 


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Tree Pro is the most versatile design in the industry.

Because of the flat sheet design that forms into a tube, it can be expanded to achieve larger diameters, there is almost no limit to the size of tree or plant it can protect.

Tree Pro can also be installed on trees that are too branched out for tube style protectors.

They have, in fact, been used to protect evergreens, grape vines, strawberry and blueberry plants, and even tomato plants.


Tree Pros can be easily removed, they can be reused elsewhere once they've done their job, a significant cost advantage over tubes.


Because they can be opened up, it's easier to perform maintenance on the tree without removing the protector or disturbing/damaging the plant.

Tree Pro and Miracle Tube Pricing

Ships flat and come in diameters of 4.15", 8.30", and 12.45"