grow tubes

Canadian Orchard

In June 2016, Sean requested that we make a batch of 24" Miracle Tube that would be blue in color for his organic, no chemical spray orchard. Sean also used a batch of our standard color tubes. Both tubes are working phenomenally for Sean. He has a beautiful orchard with an equally as beautiful back drop. Below are his comments and some photos of the orchard. 

Hi Tom,

I just wanted to shoot you a quick email to say thank you! The tree protectors are awesome and are just what I needed for my Orchard. The plants are happy and growing great inside of them, plus the tubes are strong I can weedeat right up to them. Going no spray organic, I can’t imagine a better product for what I’m trying to do, so thanks again for convincing me to go with your product. It was well worth the extra cost.
PS I can’t see a difference with white tube vs blue tube, other than my curiosity.
— Sean D. Alberta, Canada