Great 1st year growth!

A customer in Battle Ground, Indiana has a nice planting of Red Oaks in his back yard. We drive by the property almost on a daily basis. The photo on the left was taken on August 10, 2016 and on the right, taken on July 5, 2017. Notice the great growth and leaf production after a single spring season. 

Red Oak August 10, 2016 in 60" Tree Pro Protector

Red Oak August 10, 2016 in 60" Tree Pro Protector

Red Oak on July 5, 2017 in a 60" Tree Pro Protector

Red Oak on July 5, 2017 in a 60" Tree Pro Protector

Canadian Orchard

In June 2016, Sean requested that we make a batch of 24" Miracle Tube that would be blue in color for his organic, no chemical spray orchard. Sean also used a batch of our standard color tubes. Both tubes are working phenomenally for Sean. He has a beautiful orchard with an equally as beautiful back drop. Below are his comments and some photos of the orchard. 

Hi Tom,

I just wanted to shoot you a quick email to say thank you! The tree protectors are awesome and are just what I needed for my Orchard. The plants are happy and growing great inside of them, plus the tubes are strong I can weedeat right up to them. Going no spray organic, I can’t imagine a better product for what I’m trying to do, so thanks again for convincing me to go with your product. It was well worth the extra cost.
PS I can’t see a difference with white tube vs blue tube, other than my curiosity.
— Sean D. Alberta, Canada

Hybrid White Oak Growth

This gallery is a set up to follow the progress on some Hybrid White Oaks in 60" Miracle Tubes. They were planted in September of 2016 using root dip and Nutra Pro Controlled release fertilizer. The caption has the dates of the photos. We estimate that it will be at the top of the tubes by the end August 2017.

Whitetail Trees

It's an exciting time at Tree Pro. Our Whitetail Trees are starting to sprout from their seed. You can see pictures of Hybrid Burr Oak and Whitetail Chestnut starting to come up. Keep your Deer happily fed with either one of these species. 

Canadian Customer has successful planting

We had a customer get in touch with us recently telling us about how their planting went this spring. Jennifer and her husband planted about 850 native species on in their land. They used our Tree Pro Protectors in 72", 48" and 36" heights with Weed Pro Mats to eliminate competition. It's a beautiful planting and we can't wait to see how it looks in a couple years when those trees and shrubs are out of the top. 

Tree Protector Usage

Our protectors work with a number of different trees, which often have different requirements in order to survive. We understand through our own experiences and research and the feedback that we receive from our customers what each tree needs and how best to improve our products if that becomes at all necessary.

People from all over the world have used our products to go from strength to strength by being able to effectively increase the number of trees that they have surviving, and by use of our protectors improving the quality of those trees which do survive. Having something upon which you can rely, that you know is going to provide you with good and consistent results, means that you can plan ahead and consolidate each success. Our protectors mean your business grows as well as your trees do.

We are the tree farmer's best friend, because not only do we have our own years of expertise, and not only do we stay well-informed about developments in the field, but we maintain good communication with all our clients and are able to respond to their demands and learn from them what is working and what isn't.

You will be able to see from looking at some of the testimonials on our site that independent studies and testimonies both attest to the efficacy of our Tree Protectors and shelters. We also know from the experience of our customers that stacked against other manufacturer's products ours come out on top. We are able to confidently tell you that when you buy our tree protectors you are buying the best.