Vine Pro is designed to protect Grapevine, vine, or any garden plants. Vine Pro has been used in some of the largest vineyards in California and Mexico. Vine Pro grow tubes will work with any height trellis wire as well. Using Tree Pro's releasable zip ties, makes reusing this vine grow tube a breeze. 

The following are the product details:

  • Made in USA from 100% Recycled Milk Jugs
  • Reusable Zip Ties for Stake or Cordon Wire
  • Slit Tube Design for Quick Installation and Removal
  • Stronger Single Piece Construction
  • Reusable UV 5+ Year
  • Larger 4” Diameter and Vented


Size             1+ Units              50+ Units            250+ Units

18"                $0.90                   $0.80                  CALL

24"                $1.50                   $1.10                  CALL

36"                $2.25                   $1.55                  CALL

42"                $2.60                   $1.80                  CALL

48"                $3.00                   $2.10                  CALL

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