"I started using your miracle tube product in the spring of this year and they have had stellar results. I used 4 ft miracle grow tubes for red maple seedlings that were 2 ft or less tall and as of this writing, many of them are already peeking out of the top of the tube. Wow! That is amazing."


"Last fall I purchased 12 sawtooth oaks from a friend and he included your Tree Pro tree protectors. Luckily for me, he would not sell the trees without the protectors. The previous year I planted 24 trees and only three lived. This year all 12 are in great shape and have shown a 250 to 300 percent size increase since planting! Unreal!. I will never plant another tree without one!! Thank you!


"This summer we used Tubex, Tree House and Tree Pro protectors. For ease of installation, checking the seedlings' progress, opening up the tree shelter in the fall (to permit the seedling to harden off for the winter), and closing it up again for winter protection, Tree Pro is the best designed tree shelter."

Paul Easley, 1990 Illinois Tree Farmer of the Year

"We stuck [Tree Pro] tubes over a couple of acorns as they sprouted out of the ground and, to my amazement, they outgrew some of the nursery stock."

Jim Hissom,Pennsylvania Forest Stewardship Program

"Thanks to 48 and 60-inch Miracle Tube shelters, The growth [of 16 American Chestnuts and 20 black cherry cultivars] was phenomenal, despite the unusual amount of rain."